International Meeting: Gender Perspectives in Scientific Research: Story, Epistemology and Networks


Living room 1

Day 23

plenary conference

Epistemic Injustice and Sex-Generic Diversity:

a case of transvesticide/transfemicide

Dianna Maffia

Epistemic Androcentrism in Experimental

Particle Physics

Javier Anta

Relevance of Arendtian Storytelling for Feminist Epistemology

Teresa Portas Pérez

Achievements and challenges in the subject “Diversity and Coeducation” in the degree of Preschool Education at the University of Seville

Virginia Guichot-Reina and Ana Maria de la TorreSierra

Critical analysis of the integration of

gender perspective from the didactics of

social Sciences

Maria del Consuelo Diez Bedmar

Linguistics is written with A: the case of the

Code girls

Teresa Moure

Informal organizational structures: the

limits of meritocracy in racing academic

Nazareth Gallego Moron and Estrella Montes López

Gender Equity Plans in Latinamerica science.

Recent experiences at Uruguay and Argentina

Maria Elina Estebanez and Ana Buti

Day 24

The presence of women in the programs of the

Philosophy Degree. A case study

Henry Alonso

Women in Physics: persistence of the anomaly

and survival scenarios

Sonia Estrade, Neus Llop and Enric Pérez-Canals

A Diagnostic study on The Gender Perspective in

Teaching University

Rosario Pozo Gordaliza, Paschal Bethlehem, Victoria

Quesada, Maria Antonia Gomila, Marga Vives and

bitter bitter

Women as experts in science and technology magazines and supplements in Spain and Mexico

Jade Rivera Rossi

The impact of the digital gender gap on the sustainable development: comparative analysis between the European Union and the Maghreb

Hayet Kerras and Maria Dolores de Miguel Gomez

Public and private: From the cyborg to the technopeople

Lola S. Almendros

Gender biases and the debate around meritocracy and affirmative actions in scientific-technological systems

Patricia Gomez

Day 25

plenary conference

Experience and discontinuity of university teachers (Spain, 1918-1952)

Consuelo Arrow

Feminisms between the ontological and the political: difference and equality

Norma Liliana Ruiz Gomez

Epistemic discrimination and biases anglocentric: The case of

misgendering and deadnaming

Konstantinos Argyriou

Family-based prevention programmes, evidence-based practices and the LGBTBQ community

Rosario Pozo Gordaliza, Mary Valero, Carmen Orte and Miren Fernandez de Alava

Living room 2

Day 23

Creating gender awareness from the professional beginnings
Ana Guil

Women in pSTEM profession: The need to change the symbolic world that supports the masculinization of science
Pilar Domínguez-Castillo and Eva Cifre Gallego

Relevance of women in pre-modern society
Juan Jose Merino

Towards new investigative aesthetics. Analysis
of collateral records of relational artistic works
Monica Benitez

Epistemologies of femicide violence
Carmen Adam

Still “in line with contemporary visions and standards of justice”? The epistemological politics of gender studies in the neoliberal university
Heike Kahlert

departure inequalities: The gender gap in the incorporation of Spanish university students to the labor market
Jediael of Dompablo

Are scientific publicationsgender-biased?
Francesca Primas and Helena Mihaljevic

Towards a feminist and political appropriation of Lacanian Psychoanalysis
Alicia Valdes Lucas

Day 24

pioneer women, activist groups and women's movements: tensions,
resistance and collective creation of practices and knowledge
Pilar Dominguez Castillo, Dau García Dauder,
Amparo Bonilla Campos, Carmen Romero
Bachelor and Almudena Alameda Cuesta

Looking for visibility and recognition: The dilemmas in the academic production of women in Peru
Alizon Rodriguez Navia

Women scientists talk about women at the party
of the science
Jose Maria Hernandez Diaz

The opposition to the chair of María Ángeles Galino
Carrillo, the first university professor
Antonio Fco. Serrano Channels

Day 25

Women at the San José Institute of
Calasanz of Pedagogy of the CSIC
Yasmina Alvarez

Perception and attitudes of researchers in biomedical sciences regarding the incorporation of the evaluation of gender sensitivity in R+D+I projects
Nuria Gregori Flor, Inma Hurtado-Garcia and Angel Gasch-Gallen

Education in equality: Optional. Analysis of the gender approach in teacher training
Inma Hurtado-Garcia